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COURSE NAME: Basic Computer + Internet with Advanced Searching    Techniques



CLASSES: 5 Days/Week, 1 Hour/Day

CERTIFICATIONS: Yes, ISO 9001:2015 Certified

EXTRA BENEFITS: Live Projects Training

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What includes in this computer course?

This basic computer course will increase your understanding of some of the most popular and current technologies used at home or at work. This hands-on course builds computer knowledge while learning how to access, create, store, manage, and effectively use documents, spreadsheets, e-mail, and the Internet. It explains terminology in an easy-to-understand manner and provides best practice techniques for using hardware & software productively and safely.

This computer course is designed for adults who have little, or no previous experience using a computer.

 Content of this computer course:

Hardware and software

  • The main components of a computer, including input and output devices
  • The function of communication devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • The role of Operating Systems, programs and apps


  • Turning on the computer and logging on
  • The Windows screen
  • Running programs from the Start Menu
  • Minimising, maximising, moving, resizing and closing windows
  • Logging off and shutting down your computer

Working with programs

  • Running multiple programs
  • Desktop icons and creating a desktop shortcut
  • Managing programs from the taskbar
  • Closing programs

File management

  • Managing Windows Explorer
  • Creating, moving, renaming and deleting folders and files
  • Understanding file extensions
  • Viewing storage devices and network connections
  • Managing USB flash drives

Word processing

  • Creating documents in Microsoft Word
  • Typing text, numbers and dates into a document
  • Easy formatting
  • Checking the spelling in your document
  • Making and saving changes to your document


  • Understanding spreadsheet functionality
  • Creating spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel
  • Typing text numbers and dates into a worksheet
  • Easy formulas
  • Easy formatting
  • Making and saving changes to your workbook
  • Printing a worksheet


  • Print preview
  • Print settings
  • Managing the print queue

Using email

  • The Outlook mail screen elements
  • Composing and sending an email message
  • Managing the Inbox

Accessing the internet

  • Going to a specific website and bookmarking
  • Understanding how to search/Google effectively
  • Copy and paste Internet content into your documents and emails
  • Stopping and refreshing pages
  • Demystifying the Cloud
  • Computer security best practices

Joining a Zoom Meeting

  • Discuss the concepts and requirements of virtual conferencing
  • Participate in an interactive Zoom Meeting

 Delivery Method:

Presented as practical, instructor-led computer course. You will have dedicated access to a computer, so you can follow instructor training and work through in-class activities.

 By the end of this computer course, you should be able to:

  • appropriately start up and shut down your computer
  • navigate the operating system and start applications
  • perform basic functions of file management
  • perform basic functions in a word processor and spreadsheet
  • manage print settings and print documents
  • receive and send emails
  • use a web browser to navigate the Internet.

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