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 How Does Facebook Ads Helps?

✔️ Your customers spend most of their time on Facebook.

✔️ Facebook Advertising is the cheapest form of advertising.

✔️ Facebook advertising is fast in spreading your business among large groups.

✔️ Facebook advertising increases brand awareness

✔️ Facebook advertising increases website traffic

✔️ Facebook advertising increases revenue, sales, and leads

✔️ Facebook advertising increases your customer attribution

✔️ Facebook advertising builds engagement.

✔️ Facebook advertising can grow your blog traffic.

✔️ Facebook advertising can increase your SEO rankings.

✔️ Facebook advertising can help you break into new markets.

✔️ Facebook advertising is real-time.


 Our Facebook Advertising Process:
  1. Understanding your business: First, we will understand your business ,its vision and goals. Your Facebook page should be the honest reflection of who you are.
  2. Setting up your Facebook account: We will set-up your Facebook account and post ads on news-feed.
  3. Social marketing: We will market your Facebook page to reach audiences with videos and content.
  4. Execute strategy: Our facebook marketing strategy will be crafted to suit your business goals. It will be personalized and unique to your company.
  5. Monitor & adjust: We will continue to monitor your Facebook page facebook ad campaign and make necessary adjustments.

How Our Social Media Marketing Will Help You?

We know that in order for people to follow your business, your communications need to have a personality and we put our best efforts to share this with your followers and supporters. When you hire aaaina to manage your social media pages or accounts you can rest assured that we’ll constantly strive to achieve results. We have demonstrated this time and again whilst managing the social media accounts of a range of clients in various industry sectors. Whatever may be the position of your company and in whatever industry you may be, get in touch today to find out how can we help you.


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 Facebook Marketing Strategy for Businesses

The core goal of Facebook marketing for businesses is to increase leads and sales. We help businesses that do not have the resources to set up and manage to grow through Facebook business marketing/advertising by designing effective Facebook ads campaigns.

Facebook Marketplace is a platform that delivers targeted, paid advertising and organic postings, allowing brands to put their products or services in front of a large audience. In the last decade, Facebook has transformed into one of the largest marketplaces in the most popular social media on the internet.

We aim to offer all the Facebook advertising strategy to help your business needs, to get roll off the ground. This is not a one-time setup; in fact, we predict that our Facebook advertising agency can maintain your Facebook account for months, even years to come.

We as a proficient facebook ads agency will cater to all your business needs. This will give you a hands-free approach to focus on various aspects of your business and let us control your social media platforms for better growth and higher success.

Here are some things you can expect from our expertly run campaigns and  our Facebook ads agency:

Specifically targeted content to reach the right audience on Facebook.
> Streamlined campaigns that fit your budget and still deliver great results.
> Engaging prospective customers on the platform to establish the brand.
> Regular reports on the success and performance of Facebook marketing campaigns.

 Formats of Facebook Advertising Campaigns:

Facebook is not only a leader in social media, but is also a fast-growing company with 500,000 new accounts created per day. Over time, Facebook developers think of new forms of advertising that optimize their proven advertising to meet the modern requirements of building Facebook ad campaigns/funnels.

Here’s a list of Facebook’s ad formats:

  • Video ads
  • Image ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Collection ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Lead generation ads

 Who implements Advertising on Facebook?

Millions of businesses, big and small, connect with people on Facebook. They use Facebook ads for business’s improved and efficient result and revenue generation.

Every company with large potential customers should use the Facebook marketplace. It’s at least as important as having a business web page, and it’s actually much easier to create. Whether it’s a large company or a small business that employs only a few people, you can make sure that some of your customers are already on Facebook.

In general, Facebook ad services is used by the following users:

1. Brand: Almost all kinds of brands such as food, electronic products, household goods, restaurants, etc. can be promoted through Facebook, actively following passive customers promotion and development news and sharing with the friends, you can switch to a popular fan.

2. Regional companies: Whether you’re a business, family-owned, or large corporate franchise, you can use Facebook pages to switch your local customer base based on the fans who visit your store more often.

3. Personalities: Musicians, entertainers, writers, etc. Anyone who makes money by being known wants to be known by as many people as possible on Facebook.

4. Nonprofit Organizations: Charitable organizations, political organizations, and public service campaigns can take advantage of all the Facebook sharing features.

 Reasons to consider Facebook Advertising for business growth:

Applies worldwide: Over 1.5 billion users visit Facebook daily. About $ 2.3 billion every month. Over 7 million active companies create ads for this huge audience.

Offer highly targeted paid advertising: With Facebook Ads, you can tailor promotions to specific potential customers based on gender, age, location, profession, and interests (demographic or behavioral data that users are willing to share with Facebook).

Allows organic reach: If you don’t have the resources to leverage Facebook ads, on Facebook pages, share data that provides value to people and build relationships organically. Your post will appear in your news feed. The more competitive you are, the harder it is to build your audience naturally.

Can be integrated with other marketing channels: Facebook marketplace does not have one isolated system. It can connect with other marketing channels such as email marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, Facebook Messenger advertising and can develop a promotional mix that increases action for your brand.

Facebook marketplace has become an important element of any business today. There are many tools that complement Facebook ads for businesses and companies that take advantage of them can make the most of their efforts. 

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