Mastery of Website Designing Course & Website Development in WordPress (45 Days Online WordPress Course, 2 Days Demo Class, 3 Days Money Back Guarantee)

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COURSE NAME: Mastery of Website Development in WordPress






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CERTIFICATIONS: Yes, ISO 9001:2015 Certified


EXTRA BENEFITS: Live Projects Training

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 Why opt for WordPress Website Development?

  • This is one of the Best Online WordPress/Online Website Designing course & Website Development course you will ever find. WordPress is now powering more than 33% of all websites in the world. 75 million users use it making it Number One website content management system (CMS) worldwide.
  • In this Online Web designing Complete course, you will learn the Beginner to Advanced Level core concepts. This website designing course covers the complete practical skills required to master WordPress from scratch.
  • It is the perfect tool for creating a fully customized website for any purpose. Whether you want to create a blog, a personal portfolio, a corporate business site, a forum, a classified website, an eCommerce site, or a business website to sell your products and services, you can do it with this platform.
  • While it’s never been easier to build a website, many people get lost when it comes to creating a stylish website. By following this Complete online Website Designing course, you will build powerful websites with different plugins and get ahead on your journey as a WordPress Developer or Entrepreneur. 

 Who is eligible for this Website Designing course?

✨ Anyone who wants to learn WordPress.

✨ Anyone who wants to learn to make Websites, Blogs, and E-Commerce sites with Ease.

✨ Anyone who wants to start their Web Design business.

✨Anyone who wants to become a Web Developer.

✨ Anyone who doesn’t know to code and still wants to make websites through this website designing course.

✨ This Course starts from basics hence NO EXPERIENCE is Required

 What projects are included in the complete online web designing Course & website development course?

 PROJECT#1: A Business Website: In this project, we build a multi-page responsive business website with a contact form and a portfolio.

PROJECT#2: A Blog: In this project, we design a professional blog with pagination and custom Blog Posts.

 What you’ll learn in this Online Website designing course:

      • What are a website and the types of websites?
      • Different ways to create a website?
      • What are domain names and web hosting?
      • How to Buy a Domain name and Hosting
      • What is WordPress?
      • Installing WordPress
      • What are themes and plugins?
      • Installing a theme
      • Installing plugins
      • Using Elementor
      • Add an SSL certificate
      • How to add a Site Icon and Logo
      • Plan your Website content
      • Creating Menus and Pages
      • Design Pages from Scratch and using premade layouts
      • Adding products to a shopping site
      • How to add Internal and External links
      • How to make forms
      • How to Create a “Contact us” page
      • How to create a Privacy policy page
      • How to create a Coming soon page
      • How to Back up and Restore your website
      • Methods to improve your website speed, security
      • How to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website?
      • Website Testing

 Is it easy to learn Web Designing?

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 Quick Learning

Designing a Website through WordPress is straightforward to learn. WordPress is as easy to use as a word processor. And these WordPress fundamentals won’t take you long to learn either.


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 Simplified Learning

One of the nicest features of WordPress is how simple it is to learn. It’s not difficult to get started with WordPress. In fact, the principles can be learned relatively fast. One of the reasons that WordPress has become so popular is because of this.


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 Improve Learning

As you cut deeper and deeper into WordPress, you’ll find that it grows and expands alongside you, permitting you to learn the maximum amount concerning WordPress as you’d like.


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 No Extra Skills required

Earlier creating websites was a difficult and time-consuming process. Only developers with a good grasp of the idea of HTML, CSS knew it. Now, WordPress has largely eliminated technical barriers. Anyone with any skill level – even just general computer skills – can use WordPress to build websites. This has further become easier through our online web designing course.


Is it Worth it to Learn WordPress?

As the most mainstream and amazing website designing and development platform being used today, I certainly believe it merits your opportunity to learn.

  • Even if you don’t have very high technical aspirations — maybe you’re a hobbyist or simply want to run a few web projects — taking a few hours to learn the basics of WordPress is totally worthwhile. And if you’re an employee or a freelancer, learning to design websites gives you a set of valuable, marketable skills.

✍️ So from where do you begin to learn Website Development?

Even though the web is loaded up with recordings, sites, and discussions about WordPress, this may really be the slowest approach to learn Website Designing. The issue isn’t getting data, the issue is getting coordinated and organized data.

This is why I think the quickest, most productive approach to learning WordPress is with a workshop or online course. I like online courses since I can do them at my own speed from home. Our online web designing course can help you achieve this.

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